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Most of my paintings are in oil, acrylics, ink or a mix between the three.

The idea has been to dissolve. Dissolve landscapes, dissolve figures. A fascination of conceptual painting. Occasionally it worked.


I was part of three group exhibitions at Galleria Saima in Helsinki, Finland. I’m very grateful to Lea Karttunen for being interested in my work at the time. The exhibitions in question were:

At Musslan in Stockholm, Sweden I had a solo exhibition in 2018.

A few of my paintings


Figure 1: Two oil paintings on treated cardboard, Näkymä I and Näkymä II, which I painted at my aunts house in Stockholm. They were exhibited at the group exhibition Näkymä in Galleria Saima in 2017.


Figure 2: Zebra II, ordered ink painting based on an earlier ink drawing, Zebra I, framed and hanging in its home.


Figure 3: Kattspillran, oil painting on canvas.


Figure 4: Sleeper, mixed media probably? Painted on wood pannel.


Figure 5: The Bug, oil on wood pannel. One of the few constructive things I got out from travelling to Tokyo. I regret destroying this painting.

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Author: Ricky LindĂŠn