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Just lists of good stuff that has nothing to do with me except that I think it’s useful or interesting.

Useful websites

  • startpage.com - Google with reduced tracking
  • invidio.us - YouTube frontend without ads and reduced tracking and RSS support
  • wiby.me - Search engine that only finds minimal websites
  • openlibrary.org - A nice book/author website.
  • artvee.com - Explore and download large resolutions of misc art
  • nitter.net - Browse Twitter minimally and with less tracking and subscribe with RSS
  • alternativeto.net - Find software alternatives in general, supports listing open source alternatives etc.
  • based.cooking - Minimal recipe website with more traditional cooking
  • grimgrains.com - Minimal recipe website with modern cooking
  • bibliogram.art - Browse public Instagram profiles without Instagram nonsense and subscribe with RSS
  • privacytools.io - Find great privacy respecting software replacements

Random interesting link

Linux distributions I like and recommend

  • Artix Linux - Great rolling release without systemd
  • Linux Mint - My #1 recommendation for getting started with Linux
  • Ubuntu Studio - Great for getting started quickly with audio work and similar
  • Solus - A very sleek user friendly rolling Linux distribution
  • Pop_OS! - Improved Ubuntu

Some software projects that are useful


  • bildhuggaren - Photographer with a talent to capture the beauty of darkness

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