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If wanting an overview of my music, below you can stream a few highlights from the last 10 years. If wanting to hear everything you need to download.


  • Vocals on More Than Two: Clara Engel, Ricky LindĂ©n
  • Cello: Antonia HĂ€gglund
  • Electric guitars on More Than Two and In somarskvield: Zacharias Kullman
  • Waterphone on The Face: David Maislinger, Ricky LindĂ©n
  • Drums on Dead Flower, Desolation: Henrik “Honken” Gullmets
  • Drums on More Than Two: Jimmy Teir
  • Sound technician on Dead Flower, Desolation: Zacharias Kullman
  • Engineer recording Clara Engel’s voice on More Than Two: Mitchell Girio
  • Photography for Depictions EP: Bildhuggaren
  • Photographies for Stigma and Reduciera EP’s: Jesse Ekholm
  • Everything else: Ricky LindĂ©n

The software providing the streaming is the privacy respecting and tracking free plvylist.

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Author: Ricky Lindén